Chrysler New Yorker , 1995

Chrysler New Yorker


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Chrysler New Yorker
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Chrysler  , 1995




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Jauda: 214 z.s.
Motora tilpums: 3.5 ltr
Izlaiduma gads: 1995
Pirkuma gads: 2006

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The last generation of the New Yorker continued with front-wheel drive on an elongated version of the new Chrysler LH platform and was shown at the 1992 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It was released along with the nearly identical Chrysler LHS for the 1994 model year, a year after the original LH cars: the Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, and Eagle Vision, were introduced. The New Yorker came standard with the 3.5L EGJ which produced 214 horsepower (160 kW). For 1995, the New Yorker received Chrysler's new logo on its grille, which replaced the old pentastar. Chrysler gave the New Yorker a more "traditional American" luxury image, and the LHS a more European performance image (as was done with the Eagle Vision), but in reality the two only differed by the New Yorker's chrome exterior trim, column shifter, front bench seat, and fewer standard features. This is why after 1996, the New Yorker name was dropped, in favor of a six-passenger option on the more-popular LHS.

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