BMW 325 M-Sport, 2007

BMW 325 M-Sport


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BMW M-Sport , 2007

BMW M-Sport , 2007

BMW M-Sport , 2007

BMW M-Sport , 2007

BMW M-Sport , 2007




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Jauda: 215 z.s.
Motora tilpums: 2.5 ltr
Izlaiduma gads: 2007
Pirkuma gads: 2007
Es nobraucu: 25'000 km

This was my first BMW and once again I'm awfully sorry for writing the description in English instead of Latvian. I was once strongly against this brand, due to stereotypes mostly. It all changed when I had the chance to ride in my friend's BMW 320 E46. It's just been so much better than my current Mazda3 2.0, I was sold.

After facing countless problems on my way to finally owning the 325, I was more than pleased to finally drive it round our town. The happiness did not last long though, a car crash occurred three days after the purchase and this has put me into three months waiting for the Bimmer's return. Three tough months of being carless pedestrian. Yikes.

It did not go along merry afterwards either, another crash occured on February 14th due to mixture of ice on the road and by ignorance.

Since then it was nothing but joy. I've travelled around Europe, 6500km in 14 days, and totally fell in love with this car. It had everything I could dream of, nice mileage, great acceleration, practicality and style. I still prefer E92's rear more though, thankfully it's been fixed in the latest facelift.

Some info about the car itself:
325i with 215bhp dressed in full M-Sport package, with nearly every optional extra ticked.

It's not like I was in a hurry to change my car, but when I saw 135i I realised that this is the car I want to drive, so I had to sell 325i to Wess Select and wait for the 1er.

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